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Item Description

The DNR900A is a dual functionality device, operating as either a Receiver or Repeater in the DataNet network.

The DataNet system is comprised of a family of data logging units, as well as a Receiver to manage the intelligent network and Repeaters to extend the transmission range. The data loggers measure a broad range of parameters and include models that feature between one and four inputs for direct measurement and recording of PT-100, thermocouple, 0 to 1 V, 4 to 20 mA, contact, frequency and pulse sensors, as well as internal temperature and relative humidity sensors. These models range from loggers with graphic display, AC or battery power supply, to models with no display and battery power only.
When configured as a Receiver, the DNR900A is the gateway between the PC and devices joined to the wireless DataNet network. Connected to the PC via a mini-USB cable, each Receiver manages a single network supporting all DataNet models, and is powered by the DataSuite data analysis software. More than one Receiver may be connected to the PC, thereby supporting monitoring of multiple DataNet networks using a single DataSuite installation.
When configured as a Repeater, the DNR900A may be deployed to increase the effectiveness and robustness of the mesh network by providing multiple transmission routes between logger and PC. And the DNR900A's long transmission range can be leveraged to increase the overall network range, for relaying data from loggers located far from the PC.
Key product benefits:
  • Dual functionality with both Receiver and Repeater capabilities
  • Repeater offers reliable, long-range transmission for building the large mesh network
  • Multiple network support on single PC
  • Intuitive interface with LCD and keypad
  • External alarm output for onsite visual/audible alarm notification
  • Powered by 12 VDC with an internal backup battery in event of the power failure
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

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