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Verify the air in Incubator Labs.

The YESAIR, handheld gas monitor provides a quick, easy and accurate way to monitor CO2 in incubators used in biomedical research facilities, IVF, laboratories and other medical applications. The special environment required to promote optimal growth of cell cultures and tissue samples requires a delicate and consistent combination of CO2, O2, temperature and humidity.

While most incubators are equipped with a built-in monitoring system, it is advisable to double-check the measurements on a routine basis to verify that the levels shown by the internal monitoring system are correct. The YESAIR uses a remote sample probe that enters through the port on the door or side of the incubator and provides a direct reading of the CO2 (and O2 if installed) levels inside the chamber. Coupled with our 3-point calibration standard, and the use of an infrared sensor, the CO2 sensor offers stable and accurate measurement readings of the CO2 levels.

Incubators are maintained at fairly high temperatures and are required to sustain a high relative humidity. The YESAIR has built in sensors at the tip of the secondary probe to sample temperature and RH to confirm the internal chamber readings. 

 Key Features

  • Stable infrared CO2 sensor technology
  • Remote sample probes for easy entry into incubator port
  • Large graphic LCD display with a multi-function, easy to use menu
  • Lightweight, contoured and comfortable to hold
  • Sensors and monitoring instrument in one device
  • Data logging (optional)


Includes monitor with pump, remote sampling probe to measure target gas, remote sampling probe to measure temperature and RH, calibration tubing, three “AA” NiMH rechargeable batteries, AC adapter and battery charger in a hard plastic carrying case.


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