LT3F Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor
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Oilfield pipe network anti-corrosion wax anti-scaling LT3F modular device

Pipe network anti-corrosion anti wax anti-scaling LT3F modular device profile

       LT3F anti-scaling anti-wax device (referred to as LT3F device), is a new type of pipe anti-scaling device, the device mainly consists of shell and chip two major components. The chip is made of a special alloy material by a special process. The main principle is through the interaction between the chip and the pipeline fluid, changing the activity of the solvent, solute, so that the fluid in the physical and chemical conditions between molecules and ions change. Inhibit the formation of wax, scale, corrosion, and the gradual ablation of calcified scale shedding; fluid through the LT3F device, there will be impact, friction, erosion, so that the fluid flow through the device for a long time in the turbulent or turbulent state, so that Solid particles in solution in a certain period of time and distance in suspension dispersed state to avoid dirt in the need to protect the pipeline, equipment deposition, anti-scaling, wax, anti-corrosion effect is significant. The product can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, power, papermaking, oil field, HVAC and other fields, while in the screw air compressor oil, anti-carbon anti-adhesive also has good results. Improve equipment heat transfer efficiency, save energy, extend the service life of pipes and heat exchange equipment.

The Only 'Chemical Free-No Power-No Magnet' 

Pipeline Corrosion-Scale-Algae/Bacteria inhibition Patent Technology.

Once installed, this Inhibitor will operate “maintenance free” over 8 years.

1. Reduce Water Usage -> Save Cost & Gain GBI or LEED water saving points.

2. Reduce 'Blowdown' and water safe to discharge. Eliminate water treatment cost.
3. Eliminate Chemical use -> No Chemical Storage -> No Chemical Hazard & Save Cost
4. Eliminate Biosides to conrol harmful Bacterial & Algae -> No Chemical Hazard & Save Cost
5. Eliminate yearly Pipeline cleaning service -> Save Cost
6. Eliminate human error over or short dosing of inhibition Chemical -> Save Cost
7. Increase heat exchanger's heat transfer efficiency -> Up to 30% Energy saving
8. Gain Increase at least 50% Circulation water system equipments & pipeline operating lifetime -> Save Cost.  

9. Gain Maintenance Free >8 years --> Save Labour Cost
10. Gain Social benefits, due Protect environment with Zero Pollutant Discharge.

Apply To Industries:
Metallurgical smelting, coal chemical industry, thermal power plant, cement production, urban heating, papermills, manufacturing pharmaceutical production, Glove manufacture, Oil and Gas industries, Centralized air conditioning……

Solution To Protect:
HVAC system   
Condensation cooling system
Circulating water heat transfer system
Ground source heat pump system
Circulating water cold oil system
Air compressor cooling system

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