Excel Test Calibration is accredited & competence to operate in accordance with ISO17025 to calibrate temperature sensor reference in Liquid Bath, Dry Block, Climatic Chamber & ITS-90.

We are the accredited laboratory in Malaysia using Chilled Mirror Hygrometer (CMH) as the relative humidity primary reference which align with NMIM (National Metrological Institute Malaysia - formally known as SIRIM-NML) 


Why Calibrate With Excel Test?

  1. High Precision, Accurate & Repeatibility Reference Standard
  2. On-Loan Instruments During Calibration Service
  3. Existing Product Extended Warranty Option
  4. Existing Product Trade-In / Rental Option
  5. Datalogger as a Service (DaaS) Contract Option
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Validation & Qualification

Validation & Qualification

Excel Test provided 

Installation Qualification (IQ)
It is to verify the instrument has been delivered, installed and verified based on the manufacturer's specifications / installation checklist.

Operational Qualification (OQ)
It is performed to check the instrument's performance is consistent with the user requirement and within the manufacturer-specified operating ranges.

Performance Qualification (PQ)
It is the final step which involve for verifying and documenting that the equipment is working repeatly within a specified working range.

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